Writing your Description

Your characters description is an essential part of your characters individuality and allows people to not only differentiate between your character and another, but allows you to give a hint of the type of character you are playing and their personality.

Descriptions should be a paragraph in length, no less than 5 sentences. Always follow proper puncuation and grammar and always keep the description in “Third Person.” This means no “You” should be used as it has the potential to force actions on players. Be as detailed as you like in order to make the description more interesting.

Tips on how and what to describe:

  • Facial features, hair/eye color, shape of body and skin tone, fragrance, voice tone
  • Change your description as your character would change. Not everyone remains a supple young human forever
  • Start from the top of your chracter and move down. However prominant features can be described first.
  • Vary your sentences so not every sentence starts the same way.
  • Try not to use past tense verbs in your description. Everything should be described presently.
  • Use the helpfiles in the game and on the website for your particular race to help understand what features to describe.


What NOT to do in your description:

  • Do not include your name in your characters description. This goes along with writing your description in third person.
  • Do not include any actions your character might take, such as “He grins toothily at you”. Your character will not be doing these actions 24/7, or while sleeping.
  • Do not force an action onto other characters that might look at you. Such as “Anyone who looks at this figure is awestruck with fear!” Not everyone will react the same way.
  • Do not add a feature to your character that would be impossible for them to have. We promote diversity in characters, but we frown upon things such as pixies with tails. It is physically impossible
  • Do not add history or personality traits that someone wouldn’t know. Such as “He was a swashbuckler in his younger days” or “He has a festering anger towards gnomes.” People would not know this just by looking at you.
  • Be consistent with your description. Do not say your character is 150 stones in weight and then later mention huge bulking muscles.

If you’d like to see a few samples of a written description, go to our description examples.

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