Description Examples

Below are various descriptions of different social statures, races, and professions so that you might get an idea how to describe different types of characters. Each racial page also has its own racial description examples.

A noble Hydrelean matriarch
This middle-aged hydrelean female stands approximately five paces tall. Her skin resembles the pastel green of the ocean waters along Kior’aa. Her complexion is soft and flawless with slightly darker green freckles decorating her entire body. Her large eyes are endless pools of dark blue, completely solid in color and bright with curiosity. Her nose is small and button shaped, her lips; thin and compliment the shade of her darker freckles. Her body is slender and wirey, wrapped in loose white fabric that covers only the essentials. Her limbs are thin and elegantly slow with each skeletal movement. Small dreads of tentacle-like skin dangle carelessly from her head, stopping just below her shoulders. Her voice is hauntingly deep, with little enunciation.

A human warrior
This middle-aged woman stands nearly six paces tall, with disheveled locks of fiery russet hair that reaches mid-back and often entwined into several careless braids. Her complexion is plain and weathered, with rosey hued skin dotted haphazardly with light brown freckles. A black leather eyepatch fastens over her crown, covering her left eye, while the other mimmics the color of a cerulean sky. Her mouth is small and almost always fitted with a serious and unwelcoming demeanor. The body of this woman is abnormally brawn and lacks much feminine quality beyond the obvious feminine anatomy. Her hands are calloused and worn, and her skin nurses a timeline pallet of scars and old wounds.

An orc warrior
This impressive orcish woman stands nearly seven paces tall with a pristinely braided onyx mane that reaches to the middle of her broad muscular back. Many of the braids are entwined with small ritualistic charms carved of bone. Her skin is putrid green, like the murky bottom of an ancient swamp, but meticulously toned with strength and endowment. Exotic blue eyes contradict the darkness of her immense figure, followed by a thick nose and two ivory tusks that protrude from her lower jaw, resting over her upper lip. The rest of her form is barely distinguishable from her male counterparts.

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