New Year Contest: Creating Superstitions!

It’s a new year! So we’re starting out 2019 with weird shit!

Introducing a contest to create “Advent of the Mist Superstitions!” *dramatic operatic music plays*

In this contest, players will submit a superstition based on either a racial culture, a city culture, or just at random.

If you break a mirror, do you get 7 years bad luck? Are black cats bad luck?

Think about a quirky superstition based on the world of Advent of the Mists, but be description of its history, what it entails, and any details related to the story to really make it immerse well with the game.

Prize for the winners?

The best tradition submission will be chosen by the staff and will receive an award of 5RPP, 50 gold, and 500 passive points to up their skills. Most likely all of the superstitions will be incorporated into the game, if they are good 😀

Rules of Engagement:

  • Your superstition should be outlined in as much detail as possible. The history, a description, how it relates to something in the world, etc.
  • Superstition will be submitted through a special form on the website
  • Superstitions can be submitted from now until January 31st at 11:59pm EST.

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to send a note to IMM in game, or send a message via the contact form. You can send us a tell in game as well, but we may miss those occasionally.