The Nemesis of Spam

Most players of MUD’s and MMORPG’s in general have been trained to spam their spells and skills. And most MUD’s and MMORPG’s have catered to this as a way to advanced a character.

However, since Advent’s core is soley based around quality roleplay, we have developed a system that we call, The Nemesis of Spam.

Players will still attempt to spam their spells and skills, but will find that the advancement of those spells and skills will be significantly slower to non-existent. That’s because of uber sekrit code that we’re not going to spill the beans on here.

This will encourage players to spam less, and hopefully encourage them to RP more. As passive and RPP are significantly better methods of advancing your character.

Since all characters can spend their 400% passive to up skills, and RPP will buy you another 400% once that has been spent, there is no reason for players to feel the need to spam up their spells and skills.

In addition, spamming the same combat skill (such as kick, trip, or bash) will not get you anywhere either, since they have timers on them that force you to actually think about the combat moves you do, and switch them around.

So remember! Your spam is not wanted, and it won’t do you any good anyway 🙂


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