Staff: Siramus – Storywriting/Theme and Immortal

Writer. Artist. Freelance Demolitionist. Humanitarian. Some of these words have been used to describe Siramus. He’s 26, lives in Delaware, and has a B.F.A. in Creative Writing. He’s thinking of giving it all up though, in order to seclude himself in the mountains of Wisconsin to focus on developing a revolutionary new math focusing on the periodic table of elements where the base number is variable depending on relative gravity. Then he’ll combine it with spherical geometry in order to make the next breakthrough in theoretical astro-physics. Maybe.

On Advent of the Mists, Siramus is involved in a variety of things, including Game Design and Theme. Siramus’ philosophy for being a good Immortal is to generally get out of the way and let the players create their own roleplay, but he will give roleplay a helpful nudge here or there as he sees fit. He is responsible for writing stories to help further define the world of Visola.

Siramus officially joined the staff in 2005, but has been seen loitering on Advent off and on since 2002.

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