New Advent Grimoire (AKA Knowledgebase)

Greetings all!

I have added a new section to the Advent Website called the “Advent Grimoire” or “Knowledgebase“.

Currently builders (and anyone else who wants to request it) have the ability to add new articles to the knowledgebase, upload images to be used on the site, add new posts and pages, new IC quotes and testimonials.

These all submit as “pending” for the staff to review to ensure what goes out is canon to our Lore.

If you are a regular player and would like to have a content editor account to start adding things to the website, let us know.

:pencil: Things that can go in the Knowledgebase:

  • We can start putting lore helpfiles in there. Do not put commands and technical stuff.
  • We can start filling out a bestiary, crafting supplies and lore
  • If you have a family history that is significant that you’d like to add, noble history, clan/tribe history, etc.

:pencil: Stuff that can go in posts:

  • Stories you’ve written that you’d like published in a story section of the website we are creating

:pencil: Stuff that can go in pages:

  • Org stuff and additions. Pages are technically static content that does no get updated often but are more for reference (unlike stories)

:pencil: Stuff that can go in Quotes

  • If you’d like to write a testimonial about Advent, select the “testimonial” category when making a quote post
  • If you’d like to add a funny IC quote for the archives, select the “character quotes” category when submitting your quote for review