Molding Advent

We’ve had a lot of people stop by recently, which is not abnormal for Advent. We get a lot of visitors from many different MUDS. Some that are pay-to-play, some that are obscure in the MUD community.

Advent is developing into it’s own unique entity. We are a roleplay MUD, but we have coded combat. We are not a MUSH, we are not a hack-and-slash MUD.

We appreciate input from all interested players, but please keep one thing in mind. Advent of the Mists is not going to be like the MUD you just came from. We can’t customize Advent to fit your needs as you are used to another MUD.

When you go to play any MUD, you are adhering to their policies, their storylines, and their coded system. Not logging onto a MUD that’s been in development for however many years, and telling them that now they need to change it to suit your style. That’s just not how it works.

As always, if there are any concerns, talk to us about it.

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