How to Report Bugs and Issues

Finding bugs and reporting issues are some of the most important things the alpha testers can do for the game during alpha phase.  Alpha testers are a crucial part of this phase as they help us make sure things are operating as they should and make sense, finding things that break the MUD, or finding things that are not working the way they intended.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Skill system, magic system, and all spells and skills work as is intended
  • Make sure there are helpfiles for all skills, spells, and commands
  • Compare gear and equipment to make sure they have appropriate tags (if a sword is missing the keyword “sword” this is fairly important for that object).  Make sure higher level gear actually appears to be higher level
  • Make sure all quests are complete from beginning to end and provide the reward or steps at the end for completion
  • Always feel free to suggest new quests!  You can even be key in helping to design them 🙂
  • Keep a list of any helpfiles you run across that are missing.
  • ..we’ll add to this list as we think of more items

How to report a bug or issue:

  • For crashes, it helps to keep a text copy AND a screenshot of the commands you typed before the MUD went down.
  • For regular issues with how things operate, keep a detailed log and comparison of what you think is not working correctly and why.  Also please show us a log of your testing of this issue.
  • Submit all of the above issues or bug reports on our contact form.  You can upload screenshots and documents in this same form.

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