Future Features of Advent of the Mists MUD

Originally posted by Siramus on the Advent forums:

“I figured some people might want to know what some of the future things in store for Advent’s code will be. This is in no particular order.

Skills and Spells – We currently stand at over 200 skills and spells. I expect this number to hit 400. After all, we still have schools to put in, the related spells. Increasing the spells for the existing schools. Specialized weapon skills for every melee type included unarmed. Craft skills. Oath of Purity skills. Dweomers. Ranged combat specalist skills.

Crafts – Including, but not limited to… Mining, Smelting, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Farming, Herbalism, Tailoring, Brewing Alcohol, Ceramics, and… Cobbling?

Gambling – Both cards and dice. Will be doable without skills, but will have skills to help the winning along.

Weather – We’ve already a weather system that allows us to have realistic global weather patterns (storms that move across areas, as opposed to random weather per area, or better, the same weather in the entire world simultaneously). We’ll eventually have the ability for Gods to create weather. Spells that control it on a limited basis. And of course, weather that alters areas (Mountain rain, causes the valley river to flood).

A realistic gameworld where NPCs interact with eachother as well as players – We’re talking about things like an NPC adventure party forms, asks a player to join if they pass by a player, takes varying routes to different locations, passes through villages, and if they’re vanquished in a dungeon, word spreads back eventually to the town of origin. NPCs who gossip of their own accord. We’ll have marketplaces where NPC merchants buy and sell eachother’s wares, where a player might sell an item to a merchant, and the item ends up on the other side of the market place with another seller, or a raw material ends up being used by NPC blacksmiths who turn around and sell the finished product. Just two of the examples.

A living economy – Related to that last note, a living economy where certain goods are more or less desired in certain regions. Meaning a merchant PC could make a profit buy silks in Mahalia and selling them in Thelasia. NPC trade caravans that travel between cities that hire on PCs as merchant guards for the journey, with bandits that attack the caravan and hire less-than-savory PCs to help their assaults. Player shops.

Arenas – An arena system for player vs. player duels, player vs. NPCs, with the chance of gaining fame and fortune, and of course, gambling on the matches.

Better Mob AI – Forest animals that flee from fire and other affects. Mobs that always flee if you enter the same room as them. Mobs that effectively use ranged weapons and magic. Mobs that flee intelligently, and run to find help. Mobs that return to their stores.

A dynamically created short desc system – that can be turned on or off depending on an individual player’s style of play. (After all, some people love short descs, others hate them and love to throw rocks at them.)

Ships – Uh.. Something with boats. Player owned ships, NPC owned ships, Pirates, movement over sea. Ship skills?

Religions – With diety granted powers, and religion-specific skill/spell sets.

That’ll do for the moment.”

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