December 2020 Code Updates

December was another set of tweaks. The headliners were the Song code being introduced and the lag system moving to a Queue system.

Skills are being evaluated and standardizing some of their processes internally which will make it smoother to add new ones. Martial combat is undergoing bits of work.

2020-12-01 Addition: Song and Sing commands added
2020-12-12 Change: Immortals can customize song composer
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Targeting issue between inventory and worn equipment
2020-12-12 Change: Legsweep can off balance floating targets
2020-12-12 Change: Removal of hard 100 cap of stats
2020-12-12 Tweak: Change wording of playing drum message
2020-12-12 Addition: Refund skill points when skills are removed from game
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Natural sneakers had to unsneak twice when using Sneak
2020-12-12 Removal: Sunder
2020-12-12 Removal: Shieldcleave
2020-12-12 Removal: Wrench
2020-12-12 Change: Kill <target> can change targets to someone else engaging you
2020-12-12 Tweak: Knockback adjustments including using weapon for damage
2020-12-12 Tweak: Legsweep adjustments including using weapon for damage
2020-12-12 Typo: Fix message in object when too many items to carry
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Mined ore dropped instead of deleted when inventory is full
2020-12-12 Change: Flurry skill tweaked to work unarmed
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Counter and Shield Attack to not activate after using Stop
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Fishing will drop fish instead of going over carrying limit
2020-12-12 Change: Skills can be practiced if they are known and teacher knows prerequisite
2020-12-12 Change: Builder access to bug stream
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Mob attacking due to a script would stop if first attack was blocked
2020-12-12 Tweak: Alert when reaching max passives
2020-12-12 Tweak: ‘Passive’ shows current passive points
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Issue with examining drinks that would show ‘it is closed’.
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Issues with compare when using browse
2020-12-12 Tweak: Compare now includes speed and length
2020-12-12 Change: Org Messages show in Wiznet RP stream
2020-12-12 Bugfix: Glowing eyes seen for hidden elves
2020-12-15 Bugfix: Fixed none conditions from stun in score
2020-12-16 Crashfix: Fixed crash situation with Prog Kill
2020-12-18 Bugfix: Dreams being shown again
2020-12-21 Bugfix: Hydromancy III had error in prerequisites
2020-12-31 Change: Most wait lag delays have been converted to a queueing system
2020-12-31 Addition: Added %q and %Q options to prompt for queue timer and next command
2020-12-31 Addition: Queue command to view current queue
2020-12-31 Tweak: Stun timing in various effects
2020-12-31 Tweak: Internal adjustments spells are processed with the queue and targeting
2020-12-31 Tweak: Beginning same process for skills
2020-12-31 Crashfix: Corrected crash scenario with account setting
2020-12-31 Addition: Option for Battle Prompt
2020-12-31 Tweak: Default prompt now includes weather and time
2020-12-31 Tweak: Channels shows both prompt types including raw with color codes
2020-12-31 Bugfix: Flurry striking incorrect targets