CoM Players Welcome

Our sister MUD, Cities of M’dhoria is closing its doors this Sunday. We’ve already had an influx of some of their players hop on, and you guys are certainly welcome.

A few things I did want to note however:

1. Signing on Advent starts you out with a clean slate OOC. Any old grudges, drama, etc from CoM are not welcome nor will they be tolerated here. We’ve already experienced some “Well this person did this to me on CoM so I’m going to go after their character on Advent” type drama, and none of the staff here have any time or desire to deal with it. Anything like this that disrupts the gameplay and the players from having fun on Advent will result in immediate irreversible denial. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we really want people to enjoy themselves on Advent without worrying about CoM’s past.

2. We are a perma-death MUD, which I know you guys aren’t used to. We’ve instituted two things to help ease the blow of losing a character, however. The first one is our RPP (Roleplay Point) system. Since we have accounts (and you should definitely create an account) any RPP you earn is added to your account, to distribute freely among all of your alts. If one dies, you can use your RPP on your account to upgrade a new one fairly significantly.

The second is experienced players getting added skill points during character creation. For every 10 RPP you have ever earned on your account (another reason to have an account), you get 1 skill point to give your character a skill when creating your new alt. You will receive these points with every new alt you make, they aren’t a “one time use” type of deal.

That’s two solid ways to not start out with a completely weak new character. And it all spans around the quality of your roleplay and how much RPP you earn 🙂

3. We are still in alpha testing. We hope to open up for beta later this year, where we will actually be advertising for players (we’ve done no advertising yet), but right now our main focus is development. There is still some fantastic RP going on, and we encourage people to roleplay their little hearts out as well as keep an eye out for bugs and consistency. But so long as people understand that it’s alpha testing, and our main focus will -not- be on the roleplay until Beta.

That’s all I can think of at the moment 🙂 Happy Hunting!

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