Advent of the Mists MUD is closing

Yes the rumors are true, Advent of the Mists MUD is closing at the end of July. Cedric and Crystal no longer place the MUD on the top of their priority lists, therefor it has just fallen to the way-side.

However the website and forums will remain up, for at least the next 2 years since it’s paid for. Crystal still intends to flesh out world theme stuff on the website as a hobby. We are leaving the option open to maybe reopen the MUD if we decide we have time/desire to do so. And because of that we are not releasing the code-base, despite several inquiries.

As a parting gift, here’s a youtube video I started at the end of 2008 but never finished editing. I was saving it to help launch us into beta when the time came πŸ™‚


  1. Hey… It’s been a very long time since I’ve played this game, mostly due to real life issues.

    Recently, though, I thought it would be cool to come back to this game. Apparently it’s closing at the end of this month, though?

    I know it’s a bold question, but would it be possible to release the source code publicly? I can appreciate all the hard work that went into it, and I realize that it’s awkward to exchange hands with such things. I’m just finally at a stage in my life where I can and should put my time into stuff like this, much like you guys are at a stage where it’s no longer feasible.

    I’m a programmer (still much to learn, though), and am familiar with the Rom code-base.
    I’m positive that I could get this going on my personal computer\lan (if it is indeed Rom based… Interested players could connect over the web via Hitachi– I’ve done this before, albeit it takes some time to set up), and perhaps even my server\website if I’m feeling ambitious and if there’s demand. Of course, any subsequent changes I make  to the code would also be freely available.

    Is there any interest for this kind of thing?

    I just don’t want to see all the hard work that went into the game die.
    You guys have given to the community for awhile and I, for one, would like to give back some.

  2. Thanks for your interest valist, but as stated above, we are not releasing the code πŸ™‚ We are leaving the option open to re-open the MUD at a later date, plus I will continue to work through theme on the website and forum as time allows πŸ™‚

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