World Timeline

Below is a timeline of events that have happened throughout history in Visola. Each time something world-changing happens, a new age is formed, and the years start over at 0. As of writing this, the year is 991 A.B. (Age of Balance), but in truth, the world is nearly 5,000 years old.

Creation 0 AU

Creation 0The 12 Gods of Caelestis are formed from the mists and Olu.

Age of Unity 0 – 2500 A.U.

(0 – 2500 years from Creation)
A.U. 250 = Ancient ones cursed with mortality, Trinity formed
A.U. 500 or so = Mahalian Kingdom starts to form over the next thousand years
A.U. 700 or so = Darghel forms underground, remains hidden from world population till after Age of Strife, dwarves still participate in wars.
A.U. 750 = Giants begin development on the Beruvian Mountains (they do not participate in AOS wars, they prophesized it would happen and removed themselves from society)
A.U. 800 or so = First version of human city founded as a Kingdom
A.U. 850 or so = Fall of Ancient Ones
A.U. 900 or so = Orcs begin to organize into a tribal society in the mountains of Ka’sador (founded)
A.U. 950 = Gnomes establish themselves by Isorian to record the New World after fall of the ancients
A.U. 1000 or so = Start of human-elf diplomatic relations
A.U. 1050 or so = First human-elf trade begins
A.U. 1070 or so = Maitland Valley is claimed by the centaurs as their hunting grounds
A.U. 2000 = Legion Empire is formed as an alliance between the elves and humans
A.U. 2020 or so = “Discovery” of hydrel people
A.U. 2300 = Legion begins to claim territory over lands, initializing the age of strife between races
A.U. 2400 = Amadahi is formed by Felar as a retreat from Legion control in the Hajaran Desert

Age of Strife 0 – 1500 A.S.

(2501 – 4000 from Creation)
A.S. 300 – Mahalian resistance to the Legion begins, Caer Menthadon (elvish city gate to Mahalia) destroyed by Human Armies
A.S. 301 – Seramythian War, the discovery of Brownies and their influence in saving Mahalia (and Mistwood)
A.S. 500 – Centaurs become more involved in the war due to disgust at the rise of crime, Silver Tribunal/Hand is formed.
A.S. 900 – Orcs fight with Legion, ravage most of the continent, subjugate/defeat most of the Visolan peoples (almost defeating the Legion in the process)
A.S. 930 – FIRST 10-year elf-orc war occurred as part of this massive global orcish/Cedric campaign of domination or death
A.S. 950 – Ethiulaul and Cedric incident ends the Age of Strife
A.S. 950 – Cedric destroyed; retreat of orc forces
**Winding down of Age of Strife**
A.S. 1000 – Elves retreat to Mahalian lands, create El’Raanin as their own minor harbor town of trade. Mahalian Kingdom is the only original civilization left standing.
A.S. 1020 – Humans rebuild as the Imperium, absorbing gnomish refugees, using elven and dwarven architecture
A.S. 1200 – Thelasia is formed from AOS refugees of all races, the beginnings of the Brotherhood of Latronis establish; the murder of Councillor Elarien Toril of the Latronis
A.S. 1300 – Complete annihilation of the Kingdom of Nyen by human and elvish mages (Ancient Hydrel city)
A.S. 1400 – In an attempt to help rid the world of crime, centaurs reach the peak of their silver tribunal and Varick comes down, starting the Covenant of Varick on the Maitland Valley
A.S. 1500 – Humans discover Thelasia’s growth and attempt to govern it as their territory

Age of Balance 0 – Present, Alpha Opens 990 A.B. (Year 4990 since Creation)

(4000 – Present from Creation)
A.B. 100 – Rebuilding of Hydrel Kingdom as Kingdom of Kior’aa
A.B. 500 – The last elf-orc war, centered about Mahalia – charismatic orcish leader claims the Mahalian lands and leads campaign to “take the lands back from the elves”.
A.B. 976 – The Desert Wars take place in the Hajaran Desert. Warlords from all over the world campaign over the next several years, though no one is able to keep track of who is enemy and who is an ally.
A.B. 984 – Bronagh Calhoun is crowned the new Empress of the Imperium Legion, bringing strict order to the chaotic Imperial Ranks, and the first female leader in the history of the Imperium at age 32.
A.B. 990 Month of the Four Winds – Bandits raid the city of Thelasia during Empress Bronagh’s visit, cutting off route to Attania and Maitland. They eventually kidnap two elven women, Elena and Amaris Lomasi. Amaris willingly allowing herself to be captured to save Elena’s fate.
A.B. 990 – 19th the Month of Red Dawn – A band of Imperial Guards, led by Bronagh and Sergeant Adalon raid an annexed bandit camp outside Maitland Valley, killing every bandit and rescuing the kidnapped lady Amaris. Route to Maitland Valley is reopened along the Sareyi Road. The main bandit camp remains unfound along the route to Attania.
A.B. 990 – Month of Bitter Betrayal: Talks of a treaty have been struck between Ehren, Chief of the Earthtenders and leader of the Maitland, to allow the Imperium to once again hunt down bandits in Maitland Valley.
A.B. 990 – Month of the Wild Hunt – Bronagh leads an assault onto the recently discovered Bandit camp. Several warriors participated from General Adalon Shadowwood to Captain Remnon, Setsuna Veldriss, Chief Ehren of the Earthtender Tribe, and Latronis Hand Darnell. Thanks to Latronis, the Imperium was able to discover the hideout and eliminated the bandit threat quickly.
A.B. 991 – Month of Betrayal- A prison ship drops off the notable criminal known as Arcturus, who then begins to start trouble with the Imperial Guards, eventually killing the private known as Jengathu two months later.
A.B. 991 – Month of Storms – Tremors are felt beneath the crust of Thelasia, forcing several Tsunami’s to encompass the great city in water.
A.B. 991 – Month of the Sun – The murder known as Arcturus is slain by the felarae Olessia after a large battle with General Adalon Shadowwood.
A.B. 991 – Month of Dreaming – A large beast is discovered in the Centaur valley, and over the course of the next month or two, takes the lives of several.
A.B. 991 – Month of Mists – The former Imperial guard and now criminal known as Cyric, is executed for suspicion of hiring assassins to take care of unsavory citizens while serving the Imperium.
A.B. 992 – Month of the Red Dawn – The Madam of the Courtesans Guild, Aurore, is found poisoned in her bed.
A.B. 992 – 11th the Month of the Wild Hunt – Thanks to a war party consisting of Emperor Bronagh, Corporal Adalon, Tilford, and Brodus Garwin, the beast of the valley is slain. Yet there are still unanswered questions of its origin.
A.B. 992 – 15th the Month of the Muse – The Bard and Aeromis known as Elanius is found slain on the streets of Thelasia by Corporal Remnon. Reports say that an assassin was hired by an unknown assailant to murder her.
A.B. 992 – 19th the Month of the Muse – The assassin responsible for the deaths of Vvardi, Elanius, and the Diplomat from Mahalia and the love interest of Corporal Adalon Shadowwood, Amaris Lomasi, is discovered to be Cerena, and slain.
A.B. 993 – The Month of the Bitter Betrayal – Unnatural rodents begin to plague the streets of Thelasia, killing citizens in a swam of chaos.
A.B. 993 – The Month of the Sun – An unknown mage has begun an attack on the orcish population in Thelasia. Head of the recently developed mage organization “The Circle” known as Faylinn has been blamed. Human noble Lorelei Rune is slain by a devout follower of Cedric named Brodus. Her betrothed fiance, Royce Almuerzan has pledged retribution.
A.B. 993 – The Month of the Ancestors – The Centaurs of the great Maitland Valley have declared war on the Imperium for enforcing Imperial Laws on their lands and breaking the treaty set by Bronagh Calhoun and Ehren Ardal of the Earthtender Tribe. Thelasian citizens and Imperial Soldiers are forbidden from entering the valley. The declaration was made after Royce Almuerzan came after the banished centaur known as Brodus for revenge.
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A.B. 994 – The Centaur war ends with peaceful negotiations with Emperor Bronagh Calhoun. All citizens are to remain peaceful within the Maitland Village and no Imperial Officer is to hunt down criminals in Centaur land.
A.B. 994 – The Month of Ancestors – Elementals and magical creatures begin attacking citizens in Thelasia at random.
A.B. 995 – The Month of Bitter Betrayal – Remnon, Corporal of the Imperial Army, develops a method for dismissing magical creatures to help prevent so many rogue elementals from attacking the city of Thelasia.
A.B. 995 – Day of the Iron Bull, Month of the Wild Hunt – A funeral pyre filled with felar corpses is found by Corporal Adalon Shadowwood. Suspects are unknown for the murders.
A.B. 996 – Month of the Mists – Rumors are spreading of the Harbinger’s return, and a ghost has begun haunting the Pearl of Thelasia.
A.B. 997 – Month of Bitter Betrayal, Day of the Dragonfly – Fire rained from the sky and the ground opened up in the valley of the Maitland. A beast of fire is said to have erupted from the depths of this new fault, shaped like that of a dragon, and ascending to the heavens. Rumors are spreading that the Harbinger has returned to his throne beneath Mount Ka’sador. A young elven woman was found in the aftermath being flung from the cavern. No one knows who she is, where she comes from, nor does she seem to know who she is.
A.B. 997 – Month of the Wild Hunt, Day of the Dragon – Stars begin to burn a fire in the sky and a dragon overtook the stars, consuming many of them before disappearing into the horizon. Many took this as a sign of the Harbinger going after Lady Ereleia and her creations.
A.B. 997 – The dragon in the skies is knocked out by a flurry of stars. Prophecies emerge of Ereleia and Cedric being at war.
A.B. 998 – A chasm from where it is believed Cedric emerged from Abystus opens up in the eastern part of Maitland valley. The curious find tombs depicting a military outpost known as Al’Kronus, filled now with unspeakable undead and dark magics.
A.B. 999 – Month of the Muse – Godlin Morfael, known noble of the Mahalian Kingdom, announces a festival to honor Lady Ereleia, and with it a song-writing contest.
A.B. 999 – Month of the Muse – Godlin Morfael is murdered by the criminal known as Saphelie. The festival in honor of Ereleia for the Month of Muse continues in his honor at the request of his trusted servant Tanwen.
A.B. 999 – Month of the Muse – A new rebellion has begun to rise from within the Maitland Valley, led by a banished criminal known as Razzin Zannos. When word of his rebellion broke the ears of the Imperium, Empress Bronagh challenged him to a one-on-one duel but he refused. He instead fled to the valley and began to rally supporters against the Imperium. He called this rebellion “The Pale Hand Mercenary Company”.
A.B.999 – Word reached Thelasia that a new warlord is erupting in the Hajar, and Imperial Forces are struggling to keep their borders secure. Because of such, no troops can come to Thelasia’s aid.
A.B. 999 – Month of the Sun, Day of the Panther – A treaty meeting took place between Empress Bronagh and the leader of the Earthtender Tribe, Ehren Ardal. After much discussion between the Imperium and Maitland Elders, permission was granted for the Imperium to hunt down the criminal Razzin within Maitland territory. Some say the permission would not have been granted, had Razzin not claimed the valley as the meeting grounds for the Pale Hand without the elder’s permission.
A.B. 999 – Month of the Sun, Day of the Peacock – The leader of the rebellion brigand known as the “Pale Hand” was caught within the crypts and executed for his crimes against Imperial Law.
A.B. 1003 – A new influence is brewing that has mortals calling an unknown entity “The Spider”. Whether this is an illusionist or a new Godly power, no one knows. The mists, however, are becoming increasingly chaotic. It has also been witnessed that a large black cat has been seen chasing small shadows throughout the Maitland.
Sergeant Adalon Shadowwood wed the known Mahalian Diplomat, Amaris Lomasi after it was revealed that she was the woman flung from the depths of the chasm that brought back Cedric 6 years prior.
A.B. 1003 Day of the Panther, 3rd in the Month of the Ancestors (approx Noon) – A pixie named Huneku performed a ritual gone wrong that created a tidal wave throughout Thelasia, destroying the Thelasian Theater.
A.B. 1003, Month of Bitter Betrayal – Brodus Stormborn meets with Adalon Shadowwood and Amaris Lomasi Shadowwood regarding theories of Amaris being a chosen one by Cedric, Harbinger of War. This starts a discussion of a Saint of the Dragon and in order to prevent further injury to Imperial Guards, the guards are no longer enforcing the banishment of Brodus Stormborn.
A.B. 1004, Month of Muses – Both Rezal and Bartellian were found dead within the Undead Crypts
A.B. 1004 – Cashile’s head was found on a pike outside the city of Thelasia. The culprit for his murder has not been discovered.
A.B. 1004 – The orc known as Gothakra murdered the pardoned criminal known as Artemis before the temple of Thelasia
A.B. 1004 – Rumors have circulated that Crystal’s panther has been on the hunt for this being known as “The Spider” and that the only way to draw the spider out from hiding is through full acceptance. Those marked by a deity tend to be left alone.
A.B. 1005, Day of the Eagle, 20th in the Month of the Wild Hunt
– A familiar sight of red lightning streaked across the sky, causing people to wonder if the Dragon has awakened something else.
A.B. 1005, Day of the Tortoise, 21st in the Month of the Wild Hunt – A loud boom was heard across the lands, with sparks of light flying across the sky and the ground shaking violently. Murmurs are beginning to happen about a conflict on Caelestis between the Gods.
A.B. 1005 – The Theater of Thelasia is rebuilt as The Royal Prince Theater and reopens to the public
A.B. 1005 – The pixie known as Triss holds an event in honor of Murelu and creates a shrine to him, the first known in Thelasia.
A.B. 1006 – Large bubbles began to appear out in Maitland Valley and attack passersby
A.B. 1008 – Captain Adalon Shadowwood and Diplomat Amaris Lomasi Shadowwood give birth to their firstborn, a son named Arik Shadowwood.
A.B. 1009 – Captain Adalon Shadwwood and Diplomat Amaris Lomasi Shadowwood give birth to their second-born, a daughter named Lyonesse Shadowwood
A.B. 1010 –
The Imperial known as Remnon is promoted to Captain, and Adalon Shadwwood is promoted to General of the Imperial Legion for the second time
A.B. 1010, Month of the Sun
– A raid on Thelasia by unworldly turquoise spiders led to an underground cavern discovered in the western part of the city. Within this cavern was described as a large turquoise spider and the bodies of the warrior known as Septimus and the Aeromis known as Akiria
A.B. 1010, Month of Shadows – The orc known as Gothakra was seen in ghostly form and sent before his God into the afterlife by a group of bystanders. The final blow dealt by the Nature Acolyte Riven Hawthorne
A.B. 1011 , Month of the Red Dawn – The orc known as Throsk wins a competition of physical unarmed combatants sponsored by Fiskal
A.B. 1011, Month of the Red Dawn, Day of the Serpent – Undead have started being discovered outside the crypts within the valley and a few even in the walls of Thelasia. There have also been word spread of a Slaver ship anchored in the Gulf of Thelasia and missing or dead Brownies from the Mistwood. Rumor has it the Slavers may be collecting the brownies for some purpose.