Current Admin Projects

This is what the staff and builders are currently working on. Last updated 2/24/2019


  1. Any bug fixes are obviously always priority
  2. Redoing quest code – We’re modifying the quest code so that quests do not have to have a hard-coded functionality.
  3. A lot of code to support builders and creating new areas more easily is on priority
  4. Fixing Sunder/Shiedcleave/Wrench
  5. Fixed ranged attacks, especially archery
  6. Setting up the crafting framework to integrate with new areas


  1. Adalon and Crystal are working on an audit of Thelasia
  2. Mistwood is currently being built
  3. Attania is currently being built
  4. We are expanding some parts of Maitland Valley


  1. We are increasing sections of lore on the Advent Grimoire
  2. Crystal will be fleshing out the rest of the racial, city, and religion helpfiles in-game and on the website.