Some RP Guidelines for Advent

Below are some guidelines, and some may even be considered ‘rules’ of roleplay on Advent.

– In-Character actions will have In-Character consequences. None of our characters should be “serial killers” (especially of PCs) and we make sure to provide other ways of training beyond killing innocent sentient mobs. If you are caught attacking an Imperial Officer, you will be expected to accept the consequences from the Imperium Legion.

– Roleplay is our #1 priority, not power gaming and not number crunching. While we appreciate the desire to metagame, and understand it can be fun for folks, please keep in mind we are a roleplay intensive MUD.

– Do not send messages to players telling them how -you- feel their character should/should’ve reacted to a situation. As long as it is not completely opposite of how the character normally acts, they can pretty much portray themselves how they want to. Subterfuge is certainly a part of gaming, so what you see from a character may be different than what someone else feels.

– Just because a mob reloads into the game via code, does not mean that your killing it is any less severe. Mob deaths witnessed in-game will be perceived as you killing someone, regardless if it is a mob that reloads.

– Try to avoid using modern logic in a medieval fantasy world. An example would be, saying that lightning would strike metal first before striking a person. On the other side of this coin, medieval paranoia is, of course, encouraged.

– Going with the above, try to avoid contemporary lingo in the game. This is a medieval fantasy game that should follow basic English if not some pieces of ancient dialogue. Terms like “Like, whatever” and “Duh” do not fit in with our theme here. There are a few words that should also be replaced from modern lingo such as “Earth” here is “Visola” and “Hell” here is “Abystus”.

– Do not use OOC knowledge to benefit your character IC. This includes bug exploits (Example: at one point you could use track to tell if hidden characters were near you since then this has been fixed, but this was an OOC bug.), the knowledge gained through OOC chatter, forum posts, etc. If your character did not learn it on their own, then they don’t know about it.

– Broaden your roleplay. Do not limit yourself and create cliques with your friends. We don’t like cliques, and we don’t reward cliques. If you ignore everyone but your friends, your roleplay point gain may be affected.

– This is a roleplaying MUD that is based around code. If the code allows a character to do something (like attacking you), you cannot use emotes to prevent it, nor will the staff ever enforce such. We do not ban emote fighting/battles, players can do what they want. But we will never enforce emote battles over code without the players consenting on their own.

– Try to use say sets instead of typing out accents. Small accents are fine to type out, but when your speech becomes impossible to read or comprehend (in a text-based game no less) then it hinders roleplay. Also, keep in mind that we have several visually impaired players that use screen readers. Typed accents that a screen reader cannot understand to articulate are hindering the game.

Don’t forget to check out the Game Rules as well.