The Sakeshi Party

During the evenings when the shadows are at their strongest, those in Amadahi celebrate the Sakeshi party. It is an old celebration most followers of Murelu would take part in, where a small group of the Church would take the skull of a hyena, decorating it with bells and drape a yellow cloth over the back of the head it would then be placed on top of a wooden pole. They would then take the hyena head door to door, challenging others to a battle of riddles and/or wit.

Then, during the nights Amadahi citizens stay up late burning Sakeshi Grass, drinking spiced tea’s, local alcoholic drinks, and feasting on a variety of foods.

The entire place would also take part in the festivities by making colorful paper snakes that they would hang up outside their homes.

Some of these foods include:

Boiled camel which is usually marinated in alcohol and sprinkled with spices They also might eat lamb, chicken or goat cooked in similar ways. There is also the dessert Amadi-bread which is based on old white bread and lots of sugar, with added rosewater, lemon juice, and orange blossom water as well as cream-topping making it a special treat.
They also have smaller foods such as Nuts, rice, and fruits.