The Ban of Fire Creatures in Imperial Territory

In the early days of the Imperial reinforcement over Thelasia and the opening of the University, there was a ban made on creatures made with pyromancy within the city walls. This law was created as a result of a young mage known as Calydosan who was unable to control a tiger made of fire that she had created, which then ran amuck within the city walls of Thelasia causing harm to several locals.

The main consensus on why the elemental tiger went rogue was due to a lack of education by University officials on how to dismiss these elementals back into their realm. As a result, mages were haphazardly and irresponsibly just abandoning their elemental creations throughout the city to do as they please. Due to the number of rogue elementals throughout the city, the citizens attacked them out of fear in a dark attempt to remove them from this plane. It is believed the elemental forces themselves began to revolt against the local denizens, causing an uproar of violence.

Through Imperial force, the University is now required to follow stricter education plans to prevent such from happening again.