The Age of Strife

The Age of Strife is a period of roughly one hundred years, during which orcish tribes ravaged and pillaged most of the continent of Eadoin. Cedric, their creator and patron deity, incited and fanned the flames of war within his people, the aim being to dominate and control the mortal world under one regime. The peoples of Visola struggled heavily to contain them, but suffered defeat many times as each region was taken, piece by piece. The Imperium itself was nearly annihilated by these strong, seemingly invincible forces. Two factors ultimately ended this bloody period of history: the widespread teaching of magic, an unpredictable and powerful force powered by the Mists, and the slaying of Cedric by the elven king, Ethiliaul. The Age of Balance, which is the current age, began immediately after Cedric’s death.