Festival of the Hammer

The Festival of the Hammer is a yearly event, heralded by a meteor shower that scatters across the night sky during the early winter. Seven days after the shower, thought to be the sparks from the Celestial Forge itself, all devotees of Gannor flock to the Church of Craftsmanship building in the city of Darghel. It is the only time of year where the dwarven people allow outsiders within their city, bearing them for a short time with tempered patience, rare for their people. The only exception is the few outcasts of gnomish society who dare follow the tenets of Gannor over Isorian, to forever be barred of the ceremony and rite.

The festival can last anywhere from two to four days. The finest craftspeople in Visola often make the trip, and the variety and quality of their goods are unparalleled. The streets of Darghel are lined with merchants hawking these fine wares. Many crafts teachers also offer discounted lessons during the festival. Guilds representatives also are always in evidence. The event ends in a great public feast, as well as a sacrifice of the best work, presented and decided upon after the meal. That craftsperson is titled the “Master of All Trades“, and often enjoys a considerable increase in business during the following year. Changes in dwarven leadership are also usually made after the feast.