Festival of the Great Hunt

The Festival of the Great Hunt is a three-day celebration held in Mistwood Forest. It is held annually, in the early springtime, and is sponsored by the Church of Nature. Although all are welcome as spectators, only fully-accepted members and clergy may participate in the events. For two days, there are rituals and feasts, celebrating the aspects of Crystal as virgin, mother, and crone, and as the giver and guardian of the great cycle of birth, rebirth, life, and death. Many couples may also choose to be wed during the festival. The celebrations culminate in a great hunt, its principal target being the largest and most powerful stag of the entire herd. A great feast follows. The events that occur afterward are kept secret only to those fully involved in the great hunt; it is only known that these rituals are most sacred, never to be profaned by any true believer. Rumors, of course, tell only part of the truth.