Festival of Roses

The Festival of Roses is a yearly festival held in Thelasia in dedication to Anari, Goddess of Love and Lady of the Sea. Each year, many ships return to the harbor and unload their crew to the streets so all may participate in this wonderful festival. For centuries, Sailors have held tight to their superstitions that Anari can bless or curse their voyages, so their dedication to honoring her is wrought with tradition. People come from all around come to ensure they spend some time in Thelasia during this time. Some will even bring their own gifts of offering to lay at the altar in the Temple of Thelasia to ask for Anari’s blessing in the coming year and will wait to see if a blessing is gifted in return.

The festival lasts for the entire Month of Storms and is filled with music, food, wine, revelry, and gifts from the sea. Contests on cooking food plucked from the ocean, saltwater taffy, pearl jewelry, streets of Courtesans, and water roses around every corner are just some of the things you might find at the Festival of Roses. Some say even followers of Murelu and Murelu himself partake in this wondrous festival.