Ereleia Festivals

Month of Muse Festivals that have been ran within Thelasia over the last several years have been sponsored by the Church of Art and Artists’ Guild. They have been held to honor Ereleia for blessing mortals with talents of art, music and beauty. Each Festival has held a different theme and has had a different contest in representation of the theme of that year.

These celebrations are meant to show the populace that they have innate talent somewhere within them. Though they may not believe they do, everyone has artistic talent given by Ereleia. To find their inspiration and run with it, without feeling they can never accomplish perfection towards that goal within the Goddess’s spheres.

Festival Timeline:

  • Year 999 – Festival in honor or Ereleia. The theme music. There was a contest held for song-writing. The festival continued, even though the original host, Godlin Morfael, was murdered.
  • Year 1000 – The theme for this year was art. The contest held was for painting.
  • Year 1001 – The theme for this year was dance. There was a ball that was held instead of a contest.
  • Year 1002 – There was no event for this year.
  • Year 1003 – The theme for this year was of beauty and to see the beauty in your surroundings. There was no contest.
  • Year 1004 – Due to traumatic events, the Guildmaster of the Artists’ Guild held no Festival this year.
  • Year 1005 – Theme was Inspiration and beauty. The Contest held was to create murals within the city to beautify the city’s gloomy feel.