Disciplines of Steel

The number seven is sacred to followers of Gannor and his teachings alike, due to the Disciplines of Steel written ages ago, and followed heavily by the Dwarven people. These Disciplines are etched within the Temple of Gannor, and little research has been done over the centuries to determine their origins as of yet.

An oath given is to be as hard as steel, never to bend or break

As with the blade, strive never to grow dull, only to sharpen oneself with the stone of trials

Even the most broken of tools can be forged again strong by a caring hand

Steel is not found, but made, its strength earned by the time and labor invested

It is not the blade that wins the battle, but the hand strong enough to wield it

The rust of age can hide the sharpest of swords, as can the greying of ones beard hide a wise mind

Temper one’s rage as one tempers the blade, douse it with water and let it cool