Almyst: Gannor’s Consort

Almyst was Gannor’s consort, titled the “Matron of all Dwarven Women”. She was mortal, a dwarven woman who practiced the craft of blacksmithing in secret; at the time, women were barred from all crafts.

One year, during the Festival of the Hammer, her identity was discovered when her hammer was selected by Gannor during the “Trial of Hammers” contest of craftsmanship. After her win, the god Gannor kissed Almyst and then chose her as his wife. They lived many happy years together, interwoven in both Immortal and Mortal spheres. Their love has been held up as an example to all dwarven couples for centuries through stories told from generation to generation.

When she died, her soul was sent to the Isle of Eraphus, otherwise known as the Isle of the Blessed, which is guarded by the deity Isorian, Keeper of the Underworld. Gannor undertook a journey to his sister Isorian’s realm to bring Almyst back to life, thus interfering in Isorian’s sphere of influence. This caused a great schism between these divine siblings, which explains the bad blood between the gnomish and dwarven peoples.

Now, all dwarven women are permitted to work as craftspeople, in memory of their Matron, Almyst.