Rules and Regulations

  1. Do not share the builder port number with players. The builder port is to be used for building purposes ONLY. It is not intended as a means to contact staff. Players’ issues should be taken up and resolved on the main port. Only IMPs may admit someone onto the builder port.
  2. All builders will start out at level 52 until their first completed area as an interim period, then they will be promoted to level 53. Builders who show exceptional dedication and help out with other tasks such as checking areas may be promoted to level 54 and be given supervisory positions.
  3. All first time builders must create a sample room, mob, and several objects in the practice area before they are given their own area.
  4. All area concepts must be submitted for approval by the Head Builder before vnums will be assigned. Area concept submissions must include a description of the background and history of the area, any important mobiles or objects in the area, and a listing of planned “points of interest” in the area.
  5. Chat on communications channels is permitted, but should be kept to a minimum. In no circumstances should it distract other builders from their work.
  6. Your status as a builder does not guarantee you an immortal character on the player port. However, builders may be offered an immortal persona and character on the player port if they exhibit good conduct, creativity, and performance on the builder.
  7. Do not use any knowledge learned on the builder port to advance your character on the player port. Do not share knowledge learned on the builder port with other players. There are no exceptions.
  8. All areas will be reviewed before they are added to the player port. No areas will be added until they have passed grammar inspection and meet the consistency guidelines. Once an area has cleared review, it is not to be edited further. Do not attempt to slip anything which has not been approved into your area before it is added to the player port. Also, do not link your area to other existing areas in the game. After your area is approved, send a note to the Head Builder stating which room vnums in your area should link to which room vnums in other areas, and in what direction. They will handle linking the area when it is added.
  9. Do not share passwords you have been given with anyone. This includes passwords you have been given to any restricted sections of the website. If you lose or forget a password, consult an IMP; DO NOT ask another builder to give you the password.
  10. You are expected to keep up a steady pace of work on your area. If you plan to be absent from the game for an extended period of time, notify the Head Builder before you leave. If you are not making sufficient progress on your area or have left it idle for over a month, your area will either be removed or reassigned to another builder.
  11. While we certainly hope you are proud of your area, please do not ask other builders or IMPs to look at your work every time you add something. A better approach would be to build your area in segments, and ask for opinions and criticism on each segment. This saves time for other builders working on projects of their own.

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